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Providing NDT visual inspection using aerial drones for operational assessments and visual surveys of oil platforms in the North Sea.

The Oil & Gas industry is seeing a sweeping change in the way that visual inspection is conducted and are starting to use UAV for NDT inspection as a way of providing key safety and structural checks in hazardous areas that offer significant health and safety benefits while producing more accurate inspection data.

While the health and safety benefits of using drones for oil platform inspection has been one of the driving forces to their increased use, the use of aerial drones is creating opportunities for more detailed and reliable visual inspection to be conducted with REAL cost savings. With such a wide range of vital yet highly complex working assets on a rig, we can provide a complete visual inspection service for aerial inspections of Flare Stacks and under deck structures to confined spaces pipeline and ducting as well us underwater ROV inspection using a full fleet of tailored commercial drones supported by award winning cloud based software.

One of our aerial drones (for example) can perform a complete visual inspection of a hazardous working environment in one single flight – something that would require a large team of inspection workers an entire day and potential operational downtime to complete. This time saving feature can present significant advantages to oil platform inspection – especially when emergency inspection is required.

While the variable weather of offshore rig inspection does present challenges, the latest aerial drones used for commercial inspection can be flown in variable conditions. Like ‘At Height’ inspection teams, we do not operate in high winds and heavy rain because of the safety implications.  But our drones can fly in the air against wind speeds or just over 30mph but for inspection services that require steady HD photography work, we only advise flights in winds below 21 mph.

While our aerial drones are water resistant and can fly in the rain, rainwater can get on the camera lenses and spoil any visual photography shots – much like a traditional inspection team would experience.

The advantages of using drone inspection for offshore oil and gas rigs

Where can drone inspection be used?

Since our foundation, we have established ourselves as one of the leading drone survey contractors in the UK Oil & Gas Sector.

Our key success – delivering a professional, consistent and superior drone survey service compared to our competitors.

From inspections of underwater pipelines to aerial visual inspections of flare stacks by one of our drones, we can offer our clients in the oil & gas sector the latest in commercial drone services with class leading technology and a firm focus on customer service.