Overcladding is a quick and economical method of extending the life of a roof or protecting the outer walls of a building structure.

Overcladding is a great option for industrial buildings as it can provide an enhanced level of insulation, extra protection against the weather and can increase the aesthetic values of the building (both for impressing clients/customers and for increased branding and marketing opportunities).

Over cladding is a cost effective way to increase the lifespan of your building and can be used for roofing and wall cladding. Over cladding is a second skin of metal sheeting or cladding that is applied over the original roof or wall structure. It is supported by a support bar system that both supports the new structure and creates an air gap space that can be used for increase ventilation for the original building structure or as space for increased insulation. This can decrease your annual energy requirements while lowering your businesses carbon footprint.

As a system that is cost effective and quick to install, overcladding can also be carried out during normal operational working environments which means that you will not have to shut down your industrial facility for any length of time.