Whether it is a foot bridge over a motorway, a river or busy road network, pedestrian foot crossings are a vital link in the walkway network.

Yet because of their heavy use, they are also a target for graffiti vandals who feel that it is okay to deface other peoples property.

At Balmore, as a specialist cleaning company, we are the ideal choice for graffiti removal, no matter what or where the graffiti has been applied.

How can we remove Graffiti?

At Balmore, we are equipped with some of the most powerful and advanced cleaning technology on the market. From removing soot staining from sandstone without damaging the stonework to lifting heavy duty oil paints from buildings. Our ‘arsenal’ of cleaning equipment makes us the number 1 choice for commercial cleaning services across Scotland.

DOFF Steam Cleaning

One of the more popular choices of cleaning technology that we poses is DOFF Steam cleaning. DOFF Steam Cleaning is the perfect solution for removing graffiti paint. Not to be confused with pressure washing or the steam cleaner that is on sale at the local supermarket. DOFF Steam Cleaning uses superheated steam that comes out of a controlled pressure nozel. It can be used for removing paint, chemical staining and biological matter (such as moss and algae).

Dry Ice Cleaning

An environmentally friendly method of cleaning that is ideal for removing scales and contaminants from metal. Ideal therefore for removing corrosion, rust, paint and other forms of staining on metal. Dry Ice Cleaning uses a combination of speed, thermal effect and expansion to remove and clean. Dry ice pellets are propelled at high speed onto a surface that needs cleaned. Upon contact, the dry ice pellets expand as they turn too gas to lift the staining contaminates.

TORC Cleaning

This advanced stone cleaning solution is the preferred method of heritage organisations across Scotland and England. It will not damage a buildings stonework surface and is perfect for historic footbridges, cathedrals, listed buildings and similar delicate stonework structures. It works through the creation of a low pressure vortex mixture of air, water and a safe/inert fine granulate. Directed through a tailored nozzle size, TORC Cleaning can be used for:

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If you would like to know more about our pedestrian foot bridge cleaning services and graffiti removal, please contact our head office in Glasgow.