Pigeon fouling (or better know as Pigeon Poo) is a menace for so many residents and businesses in Glasgow.

If your business property is based next to woodland, train bridges and other hospitable environments suitable for pigeons then you have no doubt experienced the menace of pigeon fouling.  This fouling is generally considered as a form of biohazard as pigeon fouling contains so many potential health risks and diseases.

Balmore can help you on two fronts.  Firstly, we can perform a comprehensive clean up of the fouled area.  Using deep cleaning methods and DOFF Steam Cleaning equipment, we can remove all evidence of the fouling and eliminate any biohazard risks.  We can then implement various pigeon deterrent methods.  From netting to spikes that prevent pigeons from nesting in vulnerable locations, we can help to eliminate ‘pigeon hot spots’ and reduce the build up of pigeon fouling for the future.

A maintenance cleaning contract can then be implemented to ensure that any future pigeon fouling at your commercial property are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Offering more than just a cleaning service

We have over 30 years of cleaning, biohazard removal, difficult access cleaning and other forms of deep cleaning in and around Glasgow.

We constantly invest in new cleaning technology to ensure that we are always able to exceed our customers expectations and our entire cleaning team are fully employed by Balmore to ensure that we can offer the same level of cleaning service each and every time.  Our cleaning team are regularly receiving training in new chemical cleaning solutions and cleaning methods to ensure that the right chemical is used on the right surface so that you the customer gets the right finish.