Award winning drone pipeline inspection for the oil & gas industry

Reducing downtime, spotting hazards early and monitoring miles of oil & gas pipeline quickly and efficiently with drone surveys.

We are Balmore, an award winning drone service provider specialising in commercial aerial inspection services for the oil & gas sector.

From monitoring pipeline to inspecting well sites and managing other gas assets efficiently and cost effectively, our fleet of aerial drones can deliver a flexible and dynamic new way of inspecting pipeline for your sector.

Why are drone pipeline inspections becoming the norm?

Pipeline inspection was once a slow moving service that could easily miss faults and issues. However, with the use of UAV aerial drones for pipeline inspection, we can identify and localise defects to pipeline insulation and leaks using thermal imaging equipped UAV drones.

Whether your pipeline is being used for hot water, steam, crude oil or gas in the food, agriculture, power plant or mining industries, our commercial grade UAV drones can be used to quickly and efficiently monitor pipelines at a far greater speed than conventional methods whilst offering real cost savings.

Because pipelines generally run either underground or along many miles of low access countryside, access to the pipelines is very difficult and human visual inspections are either difficult or impossible. This is why using Balmore brings so many advantages. Our UAV drones, equipped with both HD video capturing technology and thermal imaging camera can inspect miles of pipeline in a single inspection deployment whilst recording and feeding back the footage real time to trained personnel who can inspect any area of the pipeline at will.

We can provide a complete flight path over the entire length of piping and can focus in great detail on any areas of specific interest, taking thousands of images and video that we can then process using our award winning cloud based software.

And it is not just normal video that we can capture. We can also use thermal imaging to inspect pipeline insulation and heat loss so that any leaks can easily be spotted and quickly fixed. And this works both over and under ground. So pipes leaking into the soil underground will still show up on thermal imaging scans. This means that clients no longer need to dig up vast areas of pipeline to simply locate a leak – we can now find it for them.

And this again presents a significant cost saving over conventional methods.