Award winning aerial drone surveys covering Scotland & North England for the rail industry.

Our fleet of commercial grade aerial drones can provide internal and external inspections of railway station buildings, rail tracks, railway bridges and overhead powerlines. This inspection service can be carried out over a large area quickly meaning that what once took days to cover can now be done in a single day.

By using aerial drones to conduct drone surveys and inspection services for the railway industry, not only do you get faster results but you also get more details survey reports. Our drones are equipped with the latest in image capturing technology for HD detailing along with thermal imaging for the inspection of structural issues. The use of our UAV drones can also significantly reduce the need for employees to work at height and in confined spaces whilst providing a real cost saving alternative to conventional methods.

Why traditional inspection is outdated.

A railway bridge (for example) requires visual inspection to be carried out on a scheduled time cycle to ensure the structural integrity of the bridge and to spot for any signs of weather/storm damage. Traditional inspection teams would require ‘at height’ access equipment which, depending on the structure, may require expensive scaffolding systems to be constructed or a rope access team to be hired. Both are expensive solutions that can, more often than not, require the train track section to be taken ‘offline’ for a period of time. This can result in passenger trains being cancelled, commercial freight trains to be rerouted and significant disruption to be caused.

Award winning reporting

Our aerial drone surveys capture not just photographic imagery. They also take HD video and thermal imaging stills of ‘Points of Interest’. Hundreds, if not thousands of photos can be processed with our award winning cloud based software to produce survey and inspection reports that can easily be shared with engineers and other relevant departments as part of the inspection process.

Aerial drones can capture footage from vantage points that are simply not possible any other way – and all for a fraction of the cost of a traditional inspection team.

A sandstone railway bridge from the Victorian era (for example) that requires regular inspections to ensure its suitability for use on the train line, can be inspected regularly with our drone team as part of a scheduled maintenance package. Our drones can capture footage using GPS location tagging so that future data can literally be compared back to back with existing archived reporting to better and more accurately monitor any developing points of interest on the bridge. Being able to spot and monitor these developing issues early can save you considerably on future repair and maintenance costs.

Covering the UK Transportation Network

From our head office in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and North England for drone surveys in the transportation sector.

From inspection train powerlines and rail bridges to motorway bridges, pedestrian foot bridges, infrastructure buildings and even lighthouses for the shipping sector. Our award winning drone services has seen us grow to become one of the leaders in our field.

Our drone pilots are fully qualified, insured and certified for drone flight in urban areas and our drones our equipped with emergency parachutes to help ensure a safer working environment.