Specialist Rope Access Services in Scotland for difficult access locations and ‘at height’ repairs, maintenance, cleaning and installations.

We are one of the leading Rope Access Teams in Scotland with a full time in-house rope access team. We specialise in providing high-quality rope access services for a wide range of industries. With a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, we offer safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you require building maintenance, inspection, or repair work in challenging environments, our rope access services are tailored to deliver exceptional results every time.

We can offer our customers both internal and external rope access work for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Roofing and Building Maintenance.

Scaffolding can be an expensive and time consuming part of a repair or maintenance job. It can take days to set up and deconstruct and there is the daily hiring charges included which can easily ramp up the costs of a job – especially if it is a large scale restoration project.

With Rope Access, we can provide an affordable and fast reacting service that is cheaper, faster, safer and more usable. From emergency stone repairs to signage installation, our inhouse rope access team can respond quickly to any and all ‘at height’ requirements that your business may have.