Cleaning of large waste chutes used in offices, tower blocks, refuse chutes and in the construction industry

Rubbish chutes are in near constant use, allowing large amounts of waste to be disposed of each and every day. Whether the rubbish is food based or construction rubble, they are an essential part of day to day bin and rubbish disposal. Their size makes them difficult to clean which can often lead to them becoming blocked and an ideal location for dangerous biohazards to form – which can be a serious health hazard for employees and residents inside a building.

The accumulated build up of food waste can also present a serious pest control issue which brings with it its own number of biohazard issues.

Cleaning rubbish chutes helps to prevent blockages, remove potential biohazards and help control pest outbreaks. For this to happen, regular cleaning of rubbish chutes should be carried out to keep the chute clear, hygienically clean and free of bad odours.

At Balmore, we can provide specialist cleaning for commercial bin storage areas and rubbish chutes that cleans and disinfects them, ensuring that the entire area is cleaned, disinfected and made safe for the employees, customers and residents inside a building.

We can provide scheduled cleaning and disinfection of bins, bin storage areas and rooms in the surrounding area that have been affected. Regular cleaning of these locations can reduce the chances of biohazard contamination and the spread of diseases.

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