Scottish Power Emergency DOFF Steam Cleaning

Site – Scottish Power Glasgow HQ

Client – Scottish Power

Description of works – DOFF Steam Cleaning

Emergency call out graffiti cleaning for Scottish Power Glasgow HQ.

Our specialist cleaning team were dispatched at 3am in the morning to deal with a sudden act of paint vandalism at the Glasgow headquarters for Scottish Power that had occurred that night.

Vandals had targeted the main entrance of this office building with red paint covering the entire entranceway, walls, doors and floor and our client needed the main entranceway cleaned ASAP before staff began arriving for work that morning. While our agreed framework is to react to call outs within 3 hours, our cleaning team were on site withing 32 minutes of the call and ready to get to work cleaning the graffiti vandalism.

We completed the full clean up of the site using the DOFF Steam Cleaning system to remove the paint from the buildings stonework without damaging the surface material.

We can provide a fully professional, cost effective graffiti removal services using DOFF Steam Cleaning Technology. This modern day steam cleaning technology uses superheated steam to gently remove the graffiti paint without damaging the underlying surface. The superheated steam that comes out of the nozzle of the DOFF Steam Cleaner can be used to remove Paint, Chemical Staining & Biological Matter including moss, algae and fungus. DOFF Steam Cleaning kills of the spores of moss and fungus which significantly reduces the chances of the biological matter coming back. Something that pressure washing cannot do. And all done with no chemicals.

While this act of vandalism was easy to clean as it was at the front entranceway on ground level, our difficult access equipment means that whether high or low, there is no area that is out of reach for our specialist cleaning team. We can use access platforms, Mobile Lifts, Rope Access and more to ensure that the businesses in Glasgow (and across all the areas we cover) are better protected should graffiti vandals strike.

Fully accredited difficult access cleaning specialist.

From our head office in Glasgow, we provide a fully comprehensive cleaning service for everything from biohazard cleaning to fire damage cleaning and of course graffiti cleaning. Our cleaning services specialise in difficult to access locations that can include confined underground spaces that are deemed high risk to ‘at height’ locations that required specialist rope access teams.

Our team of cleaning contractors are fully trained, qualified and equipped to provide the very best in cleaning services across Glasgow, Edinburgh and the central belt of Scotland.

To find out more about our graffiti cleaning services, to request a quotation for your business or to request case studies of the work we do, please contact us today.