Paint Inspections on the hull of ships is an important protective element that is required to help ships withstand the varying water temperatures, currents, ocean organisms (biofouling) and other ocean/sea environments that can lay waste to a ships hull that is not properly protected.

We are Balmore, an Award Winning drone survey and inspection services company based in Glasgow and covering the UK. With out underwater drone inspection services (also known as ROV), we can provide a full underwater inspection of a ships hull paint job as part of a scheduled maintenance and survey service.

Protecting a ships hull against invasive and destructive species that can cause biofouling is a primary concern for commercial ship hulls.

What is Biofouling?

Biofouling is the build up of plants, algae and sea creatures that can build up on a wet surface (in this case a ships hull) and can hinder the performance of a ship when in use.

Anti-Fouling Paint

Ships Hulls are now coated in a protective anti-fouling paint that can help fight against the build up of biofouling.

The regular and scheduled inspection of ships exterior hull paint needs to be conducted to ensure that it has not been compromised and is holding up against the onslaught of organisms and other sea creatures that normally try to collect on the exterior of a ships hull.

With our drone surveys, we can provide an underwater inspection of a ships hull as part of a scheduled inspection program. Our inspections are conducted using the latest in cloud software that can process all the imagery and video that we take so that we can provide you with a comprehensive and complete inspection report of each survey that we conduct.

By performing regular drone surveys of a ships hull, we can compare, monitor and inspect up close any points of interest on a ships hull and help determine when a hull needs to be recoated to protect it from future ocean biofouling.