Confined Spaces Silo Cleaning is an important cleaning service to ensure that a silo is hygienically clean, preventing a build up of dangerous biohazards and also maintain full capacity during normal operational service.

Silos, bin and hopper assets can all develop blockages and obstructions that can both reduce the capacity of the silo but can also create the perfect climate for dangerous biohazards to grow. Obstructions caused in silos can, if left uncleaned lead to a full loss of function and cost your business in operational downtime.

Scheduled maintenance cleaning of confined spaces such as silos can reduce the chances of a blockage forming during normal service and reduce the risk of biohazard contamination.

Blocked/Plugged Blockage

When the material stored in a silo solidifies or condenses, it can create a bridge blockage that completely stops the silo contents from being able to flow. This can be caused by condensation and damp build up within the silo and water ingress.

Arched/Bridged Blockage

When solidified and compacted product within the silo creates a large arch and subsequent void beneath, it can reduce the flow of material and make the silo unfit for constant use.

Scale/Banking Restrictions

When the material within a silo begins to stick the sidewalls, it creates a banking effect. Over time this can result in reduced flow through the silo, reducing productivity while creating an ideal breeding ground for potential biohazards. If left uncleaned, the scale build up can eventually collapse on itself causing a plugged blockage.

Tunnelling Blockage

The tunnelling effect in a silo is where only a small amount of product can make its way through to the production phase. Tunnelling is primarily caused by scale or banking build up that has been left unresolved.

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