There are some significant differences between cleaning using softwashing versus cleaning with pressure washing.

The most obvious is also given in the names of the two cleaning methods. Softwashing uses low pressure steam cleaning whilst pressure washing uses high pressure water blasting.

This high pressure washing method is a physical process where you are effectively blasting the mould, algae, lichen, moss and carbon staining away. This is find if you are intending on cleaning a patio or solid concrete surface for example but if you are intending on cleaning a soft and delicate surface such as sandstone, the high pressure nature of pressure washing will simply blast away the actual sandstone as well.

This causes irreversible damage.

Pressure Washing, because it requires water to blast away material uses a lot of water in comparison to Softwashing.

What is softwashing?

Softwashing is part of our DOFF Steam Cleaning System. With this, we use super heated steam and a Softwashing Chemical system to delicately remove the Moss, Algae, Carbon etc from the surface without damaging the base material. The chemicals we use are eco-friendly and breakdown quickly after use meaning that it is safe to be used in populated areas and locations that have children and animals.

Softwashing has many advantages over the abrasive pressure washing system: