Rope Access Window Cleaning in Glasgow

Our rope access team have been taking advantage of the good weather in the late spring and early summer days to complete building maintenance for clients across the country.

And one of those services has been the specialist access cleaning works we have completed in Glasgow.

With high rise buildings, access to windows can be difficult which is why abseiling window cleaning offers the best and most cost effective way of preserving the cleanliness of tall buildings that require regular window cleaning.

Rope Access window cleaning is the perfect solution to window cleaning where other access platform methods are simply to difficult to use or costly. They don’t have the limitations that other window cleaning services have and are suitable for all high rise buildings regardless of architectural shapes and designs.

While rope access window cleaning may look dangerous, it is an extremely safe and efficient method of access that we use for everything from window cleaning to stonework cleaning, building maintenance, repairs, painting and much more.

Using high strength rope, pulleys and braking equipment, our rope access team can lower themselves over the edge of a building and slowly descend to complete the works required.

Due to the heights involved, we adopt a wide range of measures to ensure that safety is always followed. This includes a site survey and risk assessment.

At Balmore, we are one of the leading Rope Access Teams in Scotland with a full time in-house rope access team. We can offer our customers both internal and external rope access work for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Roofing and Building Maintenance.

If you would like to know more about our rope access work or would like a quotation for rope access window cleaning, please contact us.