While pressure washers are a common solution for concrete steps cleaning, there is a better option.

When it comes to the delicate stonework cleaning of original steps, you need the delicate yet powerful cleaning of DOFF Steam Cleaning.

Black marks from rubber shoes. Algae and moss build up, oil stains and general air and carbon pollution staining are all contributing factors in causing front steps and historic stonework steps to become dirty and stained. Pressure washing cannot be used on historic stonework because the force of the water will simply blast away the stone itself – permanently damaging it.

Stone becomes soft and brittle over time. Pressure washing and other inappropriate cleaning processes that some cleaning contractors my suggest using can result in permanent damage to the stonework. On older, listed buildings with beautiful carved stonework detailing, this damage can have a significant impact on the value of your home.

Why do you need your steps cleaned?

The green haze created by the build up of algae. Oil staining and carbon pollution will all build up to dull and darken the stonework of foot steps. Litter, graffiti and chewing gum discarded by inconsiderate pedestrians walking by can all create staining and marks that you will want to clean in order to make your home truly shine.

What is DOFF Steam Cleaning?

Unlike pressure washers which use pressurised water blasted from a nozzle, DOFF steam cleaning uses super heated steam from a controlled nozzle to lift staining away. It uses a lot let water than pressure washing so it is better for the environment and does not leave puddles of water when the job is done.

DOFF Steam Cleaning can be used to remove algae and moss staining (and kills the spores so they don’t come back) while breaking up oil staining and carbon build up.

An added bonus of DOFF cleaning technology is that it does not require chemical agents for the cleaning. The super heated cleaning power is all that is required.

What kind of stonework can DOFF be used on?

Graffiti Paint Removal from Steps

Vandalism is sadly forever an issue and while many residents appreciate the beauty of original stonework on period buildings across the country, there are a select few who feel that this is the perfect canvas for graffiti vandalism. DOFF Steam Cleaning is the perfect solution for removing the paint of graffiti spray paint quickly with no damage to the stonework.

Find out more

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