Award Winning Aerial Structural Inspection Services across Scotland and North England.

Aerial Structural Inspections offer significant cost savings and increased accuracy over conventional inspection methods.

The process of conducting a structural inspection for either a building, bridge or similar structure was once a time consuming and costly process. It would usually involve a team of trained inspection personnel, scaffolding, cherry pickers and/or rope access specialists with their required safety equipment.

It could also potentially required business operations to be put on hold or disrupted and it might have caused traffic issue. A single inspection point could take days to complete and come with a considerable cost.

Thanks to the advancement of modern commercial drones however, those days are now behind us. Armed with the latest in aerial drone technology equipped with 4K HD video and thermal imaging capturing cameras, Balmore can offer a better solution.

One of our drones conducting a pipeline inspection. We used thermal imaging scans to look for any cracks or leaks. This inspection was conducted quickly and easily over ground that conventional inspection teams would struggle to access.

As an award winning inspection service provider, our commercial fleet of UAV drones can provide structural and thermal inspections quicker than traditional methods whilst offering real cost savings.