Dry or Wet Storage Tank Cleaning Services

The build up of residue that can form on the inside of storage tanks can reduce the volume of available storage, can cause weight distribution problems causing component failure and can cause contamination in the stored material.

For these reasons, tanks used in agricultural, food, oil and chemical industries require planned cleaning schedules to ensure the safe and reliable use of these tanks.

Tank Cleaning is important to:

The free movement of material stored in a tank is essential for the efficient operation of the storage vessel. This prevents clumping and clotting where material adheres to the sides of the tank walls and bridging which can cause blockages at the tank evacuation point.


Store product insects (SPI) are a range of insects which are commonly found in silos and can infest dry stored foods. These include:

At Balmore, we are able to clean all types of commercial storage tanks and similar storage vessels including silos that are used for flour, wheat, salt, chemicals and similar dry and wet goods.

As one of the UK’s leading difficult access cleaning specialists, we are able to access these confined spaces to scrape and clean away deposit build ups that can cause equipment damage and contamination. We use vacuum, brushes and scrapers to ensure the safe and thorough cleaning of interior surfaces in tanks.

Balmore Cleaning Contractors

At Balmore, we have always invested heavily in our equipment and our team. We have in-house rope access teams, trained difficult access specialists for low, medium and high risk access cleaning and are equipped with some of the most advanced cleaning technology currently on the market including DOFF Steam CleaningTORC Blasting and Dry Ice Cleaning.

And our cleaning process goes beyond the interior of storage tanks. We can provide a complete ‘top to bottom/inside and out’ cleaning service to ensure that your storage tanks are thoroughly deep cleaned. It is part of the full Balmore range of services.

We continue to offer the very best in cleaning services to both the private and public sectors across Scotland. With emphasis on improving standards, using cutting edge equipment, and the latest environmentally friendly products, we are proud of our health & safety record and well trained, reliable staff.

With our head office in Glasgow, we have a strong client base in the city and across Scotland and those customers feel confident & assured by our attention to detail and prompt & professional service. As one of the longest running and most experienced cleaning companies, we offer reliable and high-quality cleaning services at competitive prices to the exacting specification of our clients.

If you would like to know more about Balmore and our specialised Tanks Cleaning and Silo Cleaning Services, please contact our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4038