Structural waterproofing and membrane barriers for external walls and floors to prevent water penetration.

We are your trusted partner for comprehensive tanking services in the UK. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we offer innovative solutions to protect your property against water ingress, dampness, and structural damage. From basement tanking to waterproofing solutions for commercial and residential properties, our experienced team is dedicated to delivering superior results tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The internal walls of a building are vulnerable to water penetration and damp build up.  This can happen for a number of reasons including building faults, rising damp and penetrating damp, all of which can lead to structural issues. Wall tanking is a method of preventing water ingress and penetration by creating an impermeable waterproof barrier on a wall or floor.  While commonly used for basement structures and other below ground structures, tanking is the term for completely sealing a room and making a waterproof ‘tank like’ barrier.

With over four decades of successful trade, we are a dynamic and highly experienced building maintenance contractor with a growing list of commercial and corporate clients who require experience, quality and reliable contract work in the industrial sector. With experience working on tanking in a range of different industrial premises from warehouses to factories, workshops to production facilities, we have become one of the leading tanking service providers in Scotland and the North of England.

At Balmore, we offer a complete and comprehensive commercial building maintenance program. Our skilled tradesmen are on-hand to help ensure that your industrial or commercial building runs smoothly. We have built our business by providing a quality service at a competitive price.

We utilise the latest in equipment including aerial drones for roof surveys and inspections to ‘at height’ specialist rope access equipment so that we can access and repair all areas of a building, regardless of how difficult they are to access.

It is little wonder that after more than thirty five years of roofing and building maintenance across Glasgow, we have become the go to contractor for commercial customers in the industrial sector who look for the very best in roof repairs and building restoration as part of ongoing building maintenance contract works.