Using commercial drone surveys to conduct visual inspections of telecommunication masts can provide a superior service over traditional inspection methods.

Drone Surveys produce high quality video, photographic and thermal imaging reporting that can be carried out in a fraction of the time that conventional mast inspections take whilst being safer and cheaper.

We are Balmore, an award winning aerial drone inspection service provider based in Glasgow and covering the UK.

Our fleet of aerial drones are fitted with the latest in inspection equipment from HD photographic equipment to thermal imaging cameras. With aerial drone inspections, we can provide a telecommunication mast inspection much faster than traditional rope access team inspections which in turn means that human life is not put at risk while working at height. This also means that we can provide our Mast Inspection Services at a reduced rate with REAL cost savings for our customers.

What are the benefits of using drone surveys for mast inspection?

Due to the height and location of telecommunication masts across Scotland and England, using UAV drones for inspection is a cost-effective inspection method that allows us to provide a closer monitoring and control service. Our drones can quickly and effortlessly reach heights and vantage points that are simply not possible with conventional rope access engineering teams. This allows us to take photographic and video surveys of Masts from countless angles and distances to provide a more complete and accurate ‘picture’ of a telecommunication mast. Because our drones can safely approach a mast and inspect it in a matter of minutes (the same time it would take for a rope access team to simply ‘suit up’), we can cover more Masts in a shorter time frame. And that speed means that any issues with a mast are highlighted more quickly.

Does using a drone mean I get a less accurate report?

Not in the slightest. Our drones are equipped with the very latest in image capturing technology and combines seamlessly with our award winning cloud based software. We can process thousands of photos and videos to produce an incredibly accurate final report. And that report can be shared with multiple inspection engineers.

Is the financial savings just because we don’t have to use scaffolding or rope access equipment?

It goes beyond just those cost savings. Using aerial drone surveys for telecommunication masts can pinpoint interference within network coverage. We can inspect more telecommunication masts in a shorter time window (multiple masts can be inspected in a single day) and we can operate our aerial drones in the exact same weather conditions that a traditional scaffolding access crew would work in.

And because we can operate our drones without having to put human life at risk while working ‘at height’, there can be a positive knock on effect for your company as your insurance costs can be lower.

Any other benefits of using a drone inspection service?

Yes. Ecological ones. Bird nests are commonly found on telecommunication masts. Currently, construction and inspection crews cannot complete their work if a bird nest is settled on a mast. We can check for bird nests in a matter of moments without harming the nests and causing distress to the birds.

If you would like to know more about our telecommunication mast inspection services or any other inspection service that we can provide using drone surveys, please contact our Glasgow head office.