Modern UAV Drone Surveys are rapidly replacing the more commonly thought of conventional methods of visual inspection and survey.

Switching to modern drone inspection services is both time consuming and costly.

What are the advantages of drones?

Examples of where drone surveys are becoming the favoured choice

Inspection services such as aerial roof surveys can save significant costs over traditional inspection methods which once required scaffolding, cherry pickers and rope access. Workers would have to conduct surveys at height, putting their lives at risk and which can now be carried out safely and quicker when using UAV drones.

Equipped with the latest in image capturing technology and video recording equipment, as well as thermal imaging cameras, our UAV drones can provide a superior inspection and survey service over these traditional methods with the added benefit of REAL cost savings.

Drone Surveys for Land, Sea & Air

Whether at land of sea, our drones can conduct aerial surveys and underwater inspections in the exact same weather conditions that current ‘at height’ inspection teams and underwater diver teams can work in.  In specific scenarios where multiple structures need to be inspected at once (for example a wind farm), our drones can conduct surveys on numerous wind turbines in a single day whereas traditional methods would only be able to carry out the inspection of one or two wind turbines in the same time. Because our inspection team are equipped with multiple battery packs, we can continue providing aerial inspections all day long.

Multiple Benefits of Drone Surveys

It is not just the reduced cost and increased speed of our drone surveys which marks us out as a better alternative to scaffolding and rope access methods of survey.  Our drones can inspect buildings, structures etc from multiple angles and heights that are simply not possible through conventional methods, meaning that we can truly offer a unique perspective with real value.

The positives do not stop there.  If you require regular, scheduled drone surveys to be conducted on a plot of land or structure, our drones can follow a predetermined GPS map ‘flight plan’ so that we can inspect points of interest from the exact same heights and angles as previously carried out. This produces invaluable data that can be reviewing and compared to archived data. This can highlight developing issues on a structure and spot any defects and issues identified with a structure so that they can be monitored more closely and studied using previous data.  Any repairs can then be scheduled into a planned maintenance cycle rather than becoming reactive repairs which can further cut down on costs.

A real alternative with real benefits

Balmore are one of Scotland’s leading aerial drone inspection companies.  We provide commercial grade aerial drones for aerial and underwater inspection and survey services across all of Scotland and the North of England.  Our drone pilots are fully insured, qualified and certified to pilot in busy populated areas meaning that wherever your inspection needs may be, we can reach them.

If you would like to discuss using aerial drones to conduct inspection and survey services for your company, please contact us today. We are happy to arrange demonstrations of our technology and provide case studies of related work upon request.