Confined Spaces Drone Inspection Benefits

From the oil and gas industry to infrastructure and utility sectors across Scotland and the North of England; accessing and inspecting confined spaces can be both challenging and dangerous.

Traditional methods of confined spaces inspection are usually time-consuming and costly whilst putting human life at risk. Traditional confined spaces inspections using difficult access personnel could result in inspection team members getting stuck or being exposed to toxic gases, liquids, chemicals.

The inaccessible nature of confined spaces access also means that the limited space can significantly hinder an inspection workers movements and ability to provide an accurate, comprehensive inspection report.

Confined Spaces Drone Inspection

There is a better way of conducting confined inspection services that is faster and safer than current methods and which comes with the benefit of reduced operational costs. Companies in the oil and gas, infrastructure and utilities sectors are turning to drone inspection services specially designed to work in confined spaces and indoor environments to inspect tunnels, pipes, ducts, tanks, chimneys, roofing structures and so much more.

The commercial grade confined space inspection drones that we use at Balmore Inspection Services are equipped with on-board LED lighting, high definition cameras and housed in collision tolerant carbon fibre cage for maximum protection. Our confined spaces drones are designed to easily navigate and operate safely in a wide range of confined spaces including dark or contaminated areas, manholes, inspection pits, boreholes, excavations, sumps, storage tanks, boilers, furnaces, stacks, and more.

The key benefits of drone inspection services are:

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