With increasing energy bills, more and more businesses are looking at ways to make their commercial properties more thermally efficient.

Draft blockers, double glazing and smart thermostats are some of the go to ways to combat this. But understanding where you are loosing heat in your building can lead to huge energy savings. And all through a simple building inspection using a drone survey.

While scaffolding and access platforms can be expensive methods of inspection, drone surveys equipped with thermal imaging can be a cost effective way of seeing where a building is loosing heat.

A Heat Loss Survey can identify ways for your business to reduce their energy consumption through a detailed report that we can compile upon completion of a drone survey. The report can highlight improvements that can be made in insulation and identify draughts where heat is escaping from the building. Thermal imaging can even be used to spot underperforming heating systems which in themselves can lead to significant heat loss in a building.

The heating of a commercial property is now one of the most expensive parts of running an office. Identifying where the heat loss is occurring and sealing the gaps can save your business real money with a very short ROI time.

What can thermal imaging drone surveys be used for?

Thermal imaging cameras equipped to our aerial and underwater drones can be used to identify:

At Balmore, we are an award winning commercial drone service provider based in Glasgow covering Scotland and the North of England. We offer advanced thermal imaging UAV surveys and inspections for the likes of:

Our thermal roof scans can spot issues with:

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