Planned and Reactive Train Station Cleaning Services across Scotland & North England.

The daily foot traffic during rush hour combined with the endless grind of daily weathering, littering, pollution etc means that train stations can all to frequently be a haven for nasty germs and the ideal breeding ground for dangerous biohazards. Throw in graffiti vandalism, public urination/vomiting and it is easy to understand why Train Station Cleaning is therefore a vitally important service.

Whether it is cleaning station platforms, removing graffiti from walls or deep cleaning waiting rooms, we can provide the complete cleaning service for Railway Stations across Scotland and the North of England.

Train Stations experience regular footfall almost 24/7 which can make cleaning services a challenge. However at Balmore, we can provide scheduled/planned cleaning contract work day or night to suit your station maintenance times and ensure that we are not getting in the way during peak times.

At Balmore, we can provide Train Station Cleaning of all surfaces including:

Scheduled Train Station Cleaning Services can ensure that your Train Station stays clean and welcoming. At Balmore, we are armed with a huge array of cleaning systems that can allow us to clean everything and anything.

Pressure Washing

We can use pressure washing on certain floor areas to remove unsightly chewing gum build up along with daily grime which has discoloured flooring spaces.

DOFF Steam Cleaning

We can use DOFF Steam Cleaning and Softwashing to clean floors, walls, ceilings, stairways and more. All without damaging paintwork.

Graffiti Cleaning

If your Train Station has been the victim of graffiti vandalism, we can provide cleaning solutions to remove the paintwork. We can even install anti-graffiti solutions to prevent future graffiti vandalism

Pest Control

We can provide pest control solutions including bird spikes, bird netting and other solutions to eliminate the risk of pests in your Train Station

Bin Store Cleaning

Bin Collection and Bin Store Areas can be a horrible, dirty and smelly area if not regularly cleaned. We can provide scheduled cleaning for bin areas in Train Stations.

Biohazard Cleaning

From cleaning Pigeon fouling to human waste and other bodily fluids. We are trained Biohazard Cleaning experts and can provide safe biohazard cleaning in Train Stations for planned and reactive cleaning services.

About Us

We continues to offer the very best in cleaning services to both the private and public sectors across Scotland. With emphasis on improving standards, using cutting edge equipment, and the latest environmentally friendly products, we are proud of our health & safety record and well trained, reliable staff.

With our head office in Glasgow, we have a strong client base in the city and across Scotland and those customers feel confident & assured by our attention to detail and prompt & professional service. As one of the longest running and most experienced cleaning companies, we offer reliable and high-quality cleaning services at competitive prices to the exacting specification of our clients.