Drone Inspection and Surveys is a broad and varied industry. With so many sectors on land, at sea and underground, there is understandably a range a different types of drone required.

The different models of drone are designed to complete certain inspection requirements for different sectors. We have underwater drones, aerial drones and indoor drones. But there is also the different type of drone flight that can determine what drone is required.

The different flight types commonly used by drones includes:

Large Scale Mapping

This type of drone flight includes inspection of large scale fields for Agricultural farming etc where the type of drone used needs to have a long operational flight time and powerful transmitter while being equipped with ‘Return to base’ function in the event of signal loss.

Small Scale Mapping

Small scale mapping is commonly used for the likes of a construction site monitoring, 3D Modelling and even laser scanning a golf course.

Asset Inspection

One of the fastest developing forms of inspection is asset inspection which includes aerial inspection of wind turbine blades, bridges and building structure inspection.

Façade Inspection

Vertical Façade Inspection commonly involves up and down inspection of the likes of window panes on high rise buildings as well as cladding inspection.

Corridor Mapping

Corridor mapping is the commonly used term for mapping the length of a key asset such as powerlines and transmission towers.

Aerial Photographic Shots/Video Recordings

Still images and video that can be used by emergency response teams that need to know ‘the lay of the land’ before acting.

Entertainment and Marketing Material

A popular choice for wedding videos and estate agents looking to market property. More and more tourism hotels and hospitality locations are using drone footage on their websites to help promote their venues.

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From aerial drone surveys to ROV underwater inspection conducted in fresh water/salt water environments and even visual inspection work conducted in the darkest and most difficult to access confined spaces. We are Balmore, an award winning drone survey provider offering drone inspection services across a truly comprehensive number of business sectors. We provide a superior visual inspection service that is safer, quicker and cheaper than traditional methods.