Scheduled cleaning of urinals in commercial premises

Whether in hospitality venues such as pubs or office public bathrooms, the damp conditions within urinals in washrooms is the perfect environment for bacterial growth and biohazard risks that can spread – unless they are properly cleaned as part of planned cleaning maintenance of washrooms and toilet areas.

Toilets and urinals can block because the uric scale and salt deposits of urine can over time build up and cause blockages in the pipework. This is why toilets need to be sanitised regularly to prevent this build up. If they are not then the build up of uric scale and salt can both block your toilet drain pipes and cause nasty odours to build up.

At Balmore, we can provide deep clean washroom cleaning services for businesses looking for professional results time and time again. We provide one-off specialist deep cleans that compliment the day to day scheduled cleaning of washrooms that you may already contract out. These cleaning services, whilst essential for day to day hygiene in an office/commercial premises washroom environment, do often cut corners. A deep clean does not cut corners – it cleans them!

A deep clean service you can trust

Our full time Cleaning Crew receive regular training, are qualified and experienced in all manner of deep cleaning for the various different surfaces and materials found in a property. This covers everything from the method of cleaning to what cleaning chemicals can and cannot be used on materials and surfaces.

Our DOFF Steam Cleaning System is perfect for deep clean so you don’t need to worry about what lies under your floor boards any longer.

Benefits of Urinal Cleaning Service

What are tell tale signs of an Urinal Blockage?

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