Ventilation and duct cleaning services across the UK.

We are ventilation cleaning specialists for commercial and industrial premises, providing ventilation and air duct shaft cleaning services for clients ranging from factories and warehouses to restaurants, retail stores, hospitality venues and commercial office buildings.

We can conduct ventilation cleaning either as a one off cleaning services or as part of a monthly, bi monthly or yearly cleaning service.  We can match what is best for you and your business.

Why do ventilation shafts and air ducts need to be cleaned?

Ventilation systems and kitchen extraction systems will over time begin to build up thick layers of grease which in turn acts like glue, capturing dust particles, hair and other items light enough to enter these ventilation shafts.  While these are small in their own right, over time they will build up, making the situation worse and eventually begin to clog your ventilation system.  This is important because this build up can become a fire hazard and in commercial properties and food kitchens, ventilation and extractor cleaning should be carried out regularly as it is a legal requirement. A risk assessment of extraction cleaning should be carried out every 3-12 months depending on usage.