Across surfaces and materials of office spaces, industrial complexes and other public spaces, bacteria and viral infections can breed, causing serious health issues for those in close contact.

The Covid-19 pandemic that first started in 2020 highlighted the dangers of viruses in Scotland yet prior to Coronavirus, viral cleaning was a lesser known yet highly important service that we offered customers across the central belt of the country.

We offer, as part of our biohazard cleaning services, bacterial and viral cleaning using advanced surface treatment cleaning systems to eradicate, remove and clean surfaces in spaces that require this service.

Our advanced cleaning technology

Our wet fogging system, DOFF Super Heated Steam Cleaning and other high tech cleaning systems allow us to remove 99.9% of all airborne and surface pathogens.

This viral cleaning technology can be used on all surfaces, most importantly of all, on heavy use areas that multiple people can come into contact with. Door handles, communal spaces, office desks, computer keyboards and mouses, telephones, the list goes on….

Our fogging cleaning system can be deployed by one of our trained biohazard cleaning contractors or deployed by a specialist aerial drone. It is all part of our commitment to offering our customers the very best in difficult access cleaning services.

Where can Viral Cleaning be used?

While the list of industries and sectors where our viral cleaning can be used in is incredibly long, we provide this service predominantly for Education Sector Facilities such as schools, Health Facilities such as medical centres and nursing homes and in Food Preparation Facilities. All of which are areas where the importance of proper pest control and biohazard prevention can never be fully stressed.

About Us

We are one of the leading Biohazard Cleaning Contractors in Scotland. Based in Glasgow, we provide Viral Cleaning for commercial and domestic properties as part of our vast range of difficult access cleaning services.

To find out more, please contact our Glasgow Head Office.