Indoor Drone Survey Services for Warehouses and Distribution Centres across Scotland & North England.

More of todays day to day business operations depend on large scale warehouses and distribution centres strategically located across the country. Such is the importance of these warehouses that it is imperative that they continue to run smoothly and efficiently to guarantee demands and expectations from customers is met. Which is why regular visual inspection is so important.

The Covid-19 Pandemic highlighted how a localised outbreak and temporary shutdown of a large warehouse can cause all sorts of supply chain delays. While this was a global pandemic, warehouses have to deal with storm damage, flooding, pest control, site safety and general day to day wear and tear of the warehouse building structure. Any one of these can cause disruption to a warehouse or distribution centres daily operations which is why visual, scheduled inspection needs to be carried out.

These large warehouses and distribution centres however are active sites with motorised lifting forks, miles of packed shelves stacked floor to ceiling and constant foot traffic. This all means that ‘boots on the ground’ visual inspection is near impossible and the process of erecting scaffolding, transporting access platforms or setting up rope access equipment would all take too long and potentially require areas of the warehouse to be shut down for health and safety.

In short – visual inspection and fault finding is costly and time consuming using traditional methods. However, at Balmore Inspection Services, we can provide indoor drone survey and inspection services which can be completed in a matter of minutes (depending on what level of inspection you require). Using our Elios 2 indoor door which has been specially designed for indoor spaces and confined locations, we can carry out drone surveys and visual fault finding services for warehouses across Scotland and the North of England.

This is a cost effective, fast method of conducting both planned and reactive visual inspection of indoor warehouse spaces.

By using an indoor drone inspection service, warehouses and distribution centres do not have to worry about inspection teams working ‘at height’. They do not need to close off areas of a warehouse while inspections are taking place and they can greatly benefit from the digital and thermal imaging recordings that our indoor drone services can compile.

Our Elios 2 indoor confined spaces drone is equipped with 4K video and photographic camera technology, powerful LED lighting system and thermal imaging cameras that allow us to record and analyse thousands of pictures and video sequences using our award winning cloud based software.

This data can then be sent to our customers and other relevant parties for analysis.

The Elios 2 is a commercial grade drone and is the first collision tolerant aerial drone on the market. Designed for inspections and exploration of the most inaccessible and confined spaces including air ducts, pipelines, sewers and other locations that are either too dangerous to access for workers or simply too small. With a protective frame surrounding the indoor drone, we have a collision tolerant drone that can bump into objects without the risk of the drone crashing.  The Elios drone can bounce and roll on its way.

The Elios Aerial Indoor Drone comes complete with a full HD Camera, a thermal camera and on-board LED lighting system with adjustable intensity so that when we have reached points of interest in the warehouse or distribution centre, we can take high definition video, photos and survey shots regardless of the lighting conditions.

This truly is ground breaking technology and part of our never ending commitment to push the envelope when it comes to new technology.  Offering our customers the very best in drone services and solutions.

Drone Inspection Services for Land, Sea & Air

With our drone surveys, underwater ROV and ground inspection teams, we can provide our award winning drone inspection services for commercial clients across a wide range of sectors in the UK. We are fully accredited by ARPAS-UK, and our aerial drone pilots all have commercial PFAW pilots licence and are fully approved by the CAA.

At Balmore, we offer the expertise of four decades in difficult access works including roofingrope accessindustrial cleaning and drone inspection services. Our one stop shop approach to inspection, repair and cleaning has grown through our desire to constantly exceed our clients expectations and offer a service that is far superior to our competitors.

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