Providing cleaning services for washrooms across the central belt of Scotland.

We can provide scheduled deep cleaning for washrooms to leave them clean, hygienic and welcoming for users.

A clean and well presented washroom may not seem like it is a top priority for businesses but they can also make a lasting impression with both customers and staff.

At Balmore, we can provide deep clean washroom cleaning services for businesses looking for professional results time and time again. We provide one-off specialist deep cleans that compliment the day to day scheduled cleaning of washrooms that you may already contract out. These cleaning services, whilst essential for day to day hygiene in an office/commercial premises washroom environment, do often cut corners. A deep clean does not cut corners – it cleans them!

We also offer washroom cleaning as part of our before events and after events cleaning services.

We are a Glasgow based Cleaning Specialist, fully trained, qualified and certified in Biohazard Cleaning, Industrial, Ventilation, Deep Clean and Difficult Access Cleaning.

With over three decades of experience in Scotland as a leading cleaning service for both the corporate, industrial, food, oil & gas and public sectors, we have become the go to name when businesses require a complete cleaning package. With a 24 hour rapid response service for emergency cleaning Biohazards and monthly contracted cleaning site work for low, medium and high risk locations. Our cleaning services have become a vital part of many businesses across the country who rely on us to keep their businesses running smoothly – whether that be with clean car parksclean bathrooms or clean exterior walls.

A deep clean service you can trust

Our full time Cleaning Crew receive regular training, are qualified and experienced in all manner of deep cleaning for the various different surfaces and materials found in a property. This covers everything from the method of cleaning to what cleaning chemicals can and cannot be used on materials and surfaces.

Our DOFF Steam Cleaning System is perfect for deep clean so you don’t need to worry about what lies under your floor boards any longer.

Request a quote for your deep clean needs

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