Specialist drying services for residential and commercial businesses that have suffered flood and water damage.

Whether you have suffered because of flooding thanks to a burst pipe, leaking roof or heavy downpour of rain, we offer a complete Flood Restoration Service that covers everything from stonework of the building property to internal content. As one of the leading cleaning contractors in Scotland for Flood Damage Restoration, our drying services use the latest in drying technology to ensure that your property and belongings are treated with the utmost of care. Our cleaning team are full time Balmore employees which allows us to guarantee our consistent quality as we deliver a service that exceeds our competitors, time and time again.

What flood damage needs to be handled with care

Water and flood damage can affect the building structure and have far reaching consequences beyond just a damp wall. Damp sandstone, if not dried properly after water damage can begin to loose structural integrity as freezing winter conditions can cause the damp water trapped inside the stone to freeze and unfreeze causing the stone to literally fall apart.

Our number one priority is to return your property to as close to pre-incident as we can. As quickly as we can. With over 30 years or real experience working in cleaning and restoration services for building stonework and internal belongings, we have built our name based on trust, quality of work and a reputation for delivering when it counts.

Our water damage drying covers:

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If you have suffered water damage because of a flood, burst pipe or similar water disaster, please call us today. One call does it all and we can answer any questions you have and dispatch our Water Drying Team to your location and begin the process of restoring your property to ‘as-was’ condition.