Looking at the advantages and benefits of DOFF System

Sandstone, brickwork, concrete and other building materials used in the construction sector will age and discolour over time. This is because of multiple attributing factors ranging from damp conditions, extreme temperature variations from hot summers to cold winters and sun damage.

Buildings that are exposed to wet, warm conditions like we so often have in Scotland will see accelerated growth of algae, moss and mould while the near constant rain that falls over the country can saturate sandstone and cause water staining.

DOFF Steam Cleaning is able to remove nearly all types of staining and discolouration from stonework surfaces without damaging the original material.

The main benefits of using DOFF Steam Cleaning System

DOFF System works by super heating steam to over 150oC which, when it is directed at the organic and inorganic substances needing cleaned, removes them without damaging the original stone material.

By using super heated steam instead of high pressure jet washing, DOFF can minimise the risk of damage to the underlying stonework.

DOFF Cleaning System can be used to remove oil based paint, moss, algae, mould, rust staining, water straining and varnishes.

Sandstone and brick are the two most commonly used construction materials used in the UK due to their versatility, durability and affordable nature. However over time, brick and sandstone can become soft and high pressure jet cleaning systems can easily damage the material. It can cause permanent damage to the aesthetic of a building.

The best way to clean and protect a building is by using DOFF Steam Cleaning. The super heated steam can remove virtually all staining causes from the surface of the material without damaging the stonework. And because it is steam rather than pressurised water, it uses less water and dries out quicker which can help to further minimise any potential damage to the surface.

When we talk about using DOFF Steam Cleaning for removing paint, this can be either painted stone walls or a building or graffiti vandalism paint removal. DOFF Steam Cleaning can remove practically all types of paint and ink from brick, stonework and wooden fencing/walls.

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If you would like to find out more about how DOFF Steam Cleaning works, the costs involved in DOFF Steam Cleaning or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our Glasgow head office today. With over three decades of experience in Scotland as a leading cleaning service for both the corporate, industrial, food, oil & gas and public sectors, we have become the go to name when businesses require a complete cleaning package. With a 24 hour rapid response service for emergency cleaning Biohazards and monthly contracted cleaning site work for low, medium and high risk locations. Our cleaning services have become a vital part of the disaster recovery process for those that have been hit by Flood and Fire damage.

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