TORC Cleaning is a modern marvel in delicate yet powerful cleaning.

Using a swirling vortex of low air pressure, a safe inert fine grain and water, TORC Cleaning can be used on a huge number of surfaces from stonework to metal, wood and more.

But what can TORC Cleaning be used for?

Algae & Moss Cleaning

Scotland is not known for its sunny weather and the constant rain and dampness is the perfect breeding ground for moss and algae to grow on buildings, floors, gutters, roofing and more. TORC Cleaning can remove algae from brick, sandstone, metal and other surfaces without damaging the substrate.

Bitumen/Tar Cleaning and Removal

Used as a protective coating on buildings as well as on newly laid roads and repair jobs, Bitumen and Tar can easily splash onto natural stonework which not only looks unattractive but can also cause longer lasting damage is not dealt with. TORC Cleaning can completely remove the Bitumen Staining from stonework without damaging the sandstone.

Carbon Pollution Staining Cleaning

Traffic pollution and a build up of carbon monoxide can stick to the surface of the historic buildings found in Town Centres. The carbon build up can eat away at the stone and stain it, causing a change in colour. TORC Cleaning can remove the carbon staining, leaving the stonework looking ‘as new’.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Vandalism is an unpleasant yet common occurrence. TORC Cleaning can safely clean the graffiti paint without damaging the substrate.

Paint Removal

Thick oil based paints designed to cope with the weather in Scotland can be incredibly difficult to remove from sandstone. Unless of course you use TORC cleaning. TORC can be used for oil and water based paints, varnishes, bitumastic and thermoplastic paints and coatings.

Limescale Cleaning

Limescale build up on stonework, bricks, cladding and other surface materials poses no problems for TORC Cleaning.

Salt/Efflorescence Removal

The salt build up powder that you see forming on the surface of stonework is a efflorescence substance that is formed when water evaporates from the surface of a material and leaves behind the white/grey powdery substance. These can easily be cleaned using TORC Cleaning.

Metal Cleaning

Metals ranging from brass to bronze, copper, aluminium and steel can all be cleaned using TORC. The delicate cleaning can remove oxidation and sulphate build up from the metal surface.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about TORC Cleaning and to arrange a demonstration of this cleaning technology, please call our Glasgow head office today on 0141 370 4038.