A drone survey simply refers to the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) also know as a drone, to capture visual, thermal, video, LiDAR and other aerial data in order to gain new and vital information for a vast range of purposes.

3D Modelling for example uses hundred of photographed images of points of interest from multiple angles that are tagged with accurate GPS co-ordinates in order to create a 3D digital model or a set project area.

While this same form of 3D modelling can be accomplished by plane or helicopter, drone surveys can be conducted at much lower altitudes and at a faster speed to generate incredibly high resolution and highly accurate data compared to other more expensive methods.

What are drone surveys used for?

Drone surveys are used by a huge number of end services for a wide range of uses including:

How we can help?

Our specialist drone surveys are perfect for a range of different requirements, from aerial inspections and surveys (for Oil, Wind, Utilities and Infrastructure sectors) to events and functions, including event filming, building structure inspections and even scheduled transportation surveys. Aerial drone filming and photography is very much a specialist service which requires a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals; not just anyone can work with this area of technology and get great results, you need a team who knows what they are doing.  And with many years of successful drone services, Balmore are the perfect choice for your drone needs.

All our Pilots have their commercial UAV pilots licence and are fully approved by the CAA, which enables Permissions for Aerial Work (PFAW). Balmore are all about bringing you the most professional aerial drone survey service available which is why we only hire experts who have the necessary qualifications and years of genuine experience under their belts. We’re simply not satisfied with our service until you are.

If you would like to know more about drone surveys and to arrange a visual demonstration, please contact our Glasgow head office today.