Drone mapping creates stunning 3D models, large orthographic photo imagery and elevated models of structures.

Aerial Drones have fast become a revolutionary new way of conducting surveys and inspections across the UK and now with 3D Modelling and Mapping software, Balmore can take drone mapping to a new level.

Drone mapping has significant benefits in industries ranging from construction to agriculture, mining to infrastructure and real estate.

But what exactly is drone mapping?

Drone mapping is the process of using aerial drones to conduct photography in a style known as photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is the science of taking measurements from photographic evidence. This can be processed as a map, measurement or virtual model of a real world location or object. As an example, the vast majority of modern day mapping that we use in a day to day environment has been generated through aerial photogrammetry using aeroplanes.

Using commercial grade UAV drones to conduct photogrammetry is conducted in the exact same way.

With Balmore, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England, providing a high quality photogrammetry based mapping and 3D modelling service for customers who are looking for a professional drone service provider.

To find out more about Balmore, our fleet of aerial drones and our 3D Mapping services, please contact our head office in Glasgow.