What is softwashing and how is it done?

Softwashing with DOFF Steam Cleaning, is a cleaning method that uses low pressure washing with a mixture of eco friendly cleaning solution and water to safely clean a huge number of exterior surfaces to remove organic build up, stains and mildew.

But as the name suggests, softwashing is a low pressure form of cleaning whereas pressure washing is a high pressure washing system. This means that when you use the high pressure washing system, you can easily damage the surface material. This can be particularly damaging for sandstone.

So how does soft wash work?

Our soft wash system work in tandem with DOFF Steam Cleaning. We first prepare the area to be cleaned, ensuring that any areas that do not need to be or you do not want to be cleaned are kept safe. Once this is done, we can apply the cleaning solution using a sprayer to apply it to the surface that is to be cleaned. The low pressure DOFF / Softwashing produces the low pressure spray. The application of softwashing is gentle with less pressure than, for example, a standard garden hose pipe. When the cleaning agent has been applied through softwashing, it is left on the surface so that it can kill off everything down to the roots of weeds.

Why should I consider softwashing?

If you are needing a surface cleaned and want to avoid damaging it, then softwashing is the solution.

What surfaces can softwashing be used on?

Surfaces such as windows, roof shingles, screens, wood paneling, sandstone, brick, granite and other exterior surfaces can be cleaned using softwashing.

What chemicals are used in softwashing?

While the mixture varies depening on what surface you are cleaning, the basic mix is a combination of water, cleaning surfactant and bleach. The cleaning surfactant is the agent used to loosen and remove the dirt and other substances.

Where do you cover for softwashing services?

We are based in Glasgow but provide our difficult access softwashing cleaning services across Scotland and even the North of England. We have built a reputation as a leading cleaning specialist in everything from stonework cleaning using softwashing to high risk confined spaces cleaning for everything from paint removal to biohazard cleaning.