Award Winning Drone Surveys for the wind energy sector.

We provide aerial and underwater drone survey and inspection services for Wind Farms, Wind Turbines and Offshore Wind Farms across Scotland and the North of England.

The wind energy sector is a huge part of the future of renewable energy in the UK and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

Yet while there is exciting growth in the industry, the existing network of land and sea based wind turbines need to be maintained. Not to mention the new ones that are being commissioned each year. To ensure that these wind turbines are running reliably and efficiently, frequent visual maintenance and inspection is required.

Our advanced commercial grade aerial drones can conduct inspections of wind turbine blades, looking for defects and damage from weather and wear. This drone survey includes a complete measurement process of each wind turbine so that this data can be correlated to the photos (pinpointing the exact sections that have damage). This data can be archived to review and compare to future data and to track damage over time (something that was until recently impossible).

With the use of drone surveys to conduct wind farm inspections, you can reduce the loss of production time. Traditional methods of inspection including rope access teams abseiling down each blade or using elevated platforms to identify and log damage on each blade has always been a slow method of inspection. With Balmore, we can perform nine blade inspections per drone flight (dependent on weather conditions and distance between each turbine). That number grows when the inspection is carried out on smaller blade wind turbines.