Winter is here and with winter comes ever changing weather conditions.

Ice build up, thawing, refreezing, high winds and lots of rain. All of this can damage buildings structures and roofing and all too often, this damage remains unseen until it becomes a very expensive problem.

Existing methods of inspection including scaffolding and elevated platforms can be expensive so for many businesses in Scotland, the crucial need for regular building inspection and roofing inspection is ignored. A drone survey can spot developing issues quickly and highlight problems that are invisible to the naked eye before they become expensive repair bills. And all at a lot lower cost than conventional methods of inspection.

A single drone survey inspection of a commercial property can be carried out by one of our fully qualified drone pilots and the images, video and thermal imaging can quickly be processed using our award winning inspection software to spot any issues that have until now gone un-noticed. Drone inspections for a roof survey can spot faulty slates and tiles, problems with flat roofs, chimney damage, blocked gutters….the list goes on. With thermal imaging, we can even check the thermal efficiency of your property and highlight vulnerable points where you are loosing substantial heat. This in itself can lead to huge cost savings on your monthly energy bills. Especially now that energy prices have become so high.

What can thermal imaging see that the human eye can’t?

Thermal imaging can capture all sorts of unseen and invisible issues on a roof and building structure that the human eye cannot see.

These can include

Advantages of aerial roof inspections using Drone Surveys

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We provide our award winning drone roof inspections across Scotland and the North of England and are regularly conducting roof surveys for factories, hospitals, commercial buildings, schools, educational facilities and sports centres across the country.

As a multiple Award Winning drone service provider, we can provide high quality and fully detailed drone roof surveys for your needs whilst offering real cost savings over conventional inspection methods at a service level far higher than you will have experienced before.

If you would like to know more about our inspection services and drone roof surveys, please contact us.

We can arrange for one of our drone pilots to speak to you directly to discuss your requirements and answer any questions and queries that you may have.