Gutters are an essential part of a roofing ‘system’ to direct collected rain water from the roof to an allocated drainage system.

If a gutter system is leaking or blocked, the huge amounts of water that is collected and draining from the roof itself has nowhere to go other than through the cracks in the gutters or above and over the blockage. This can cause significant damage to a buildings stonework and external cladding or rendering, costing businesses thousands of pounds in repairs if not dealt with quickly.

With guttering being such an important part of commercial and industrial buildings roofing systems, we can deal with gutters in all shapes and sizes.  Whether it is repairs, installation or in the case of one of our most recent projects, installing a Bi-Fold Fatra Gutter Membrane to an existing gutter system.

Our roofing team have recently completed work on the gutter membrane and accessories for Balmore Water Treatment Works.  The building in question required a fix for its leaking gutters and a 2000lm Bi-Fold Fatra Gutter Membrane is the perfect solution. With single heat weld joint detail on the installation for expansion and contraction during the heat of Scottish Summer and dark cold of a winter in Scotland, this gutter membrane installation is the perfect solution for industrial buildings that require hard wearing gutter systems that work.

You can read more about the work involved in this gutter installation using the link below:

Balmore Water Treatment Works

At Balmore, we are one of the leading roofers for all roofing and gutter repairs. From historic sandstone buildings in Glasgow with traditional gutters that have rusted and are leaking to modern membrane systems, lead gutters, PVC and so much more.

For over 35 years, our roofing and building maintenance team have been providing gutter repairs and installation for our customers in and around the central belt of Scotland.  If you would like to know more about the guttering work we have done, inspect case studies on specific guttering work we have done for commercial and industrial buildings in the past and discuss pricing for membrane guttering, please contact us today.