We have now begun working on the Dalmuir Waste Water Treatments Works

At The Balmore Group, being able to provide roofing, building maintenance, cleaning and inspection work means that for many of our clients, one call does it all.

And that is certainly the case for this new project that we have begun at the Dalmuir Waste Water Treatment Works. The Dalmuir WWTW serves well over 600,000 people in the area but just like so many vital utilities assets, the facility requires scheduled maintenance and upkeep to continue running smoothly.

At Balmore, the scope of works we are providing includes:

With four decades of roofing experience in commercial, industrial and private contracts, our Managing Director, Victor MacKay, has been in the industry working on many prestigious and high profile roofing projects ranging from historic cathedral building restoration to modern power station chimneys that can reach up to 750ft high. So the Dalmuir facility is in safe hands.

On the industrial cleaning side, our range of DOFF Steam Cleaning and TORC Blasting Works has made us one of the leading industrial cleaning contractors in Scotland. Combined, our roofing and building maintenance work along with the industrial cleaning works has made us one of the leading specialist maintenance and cleaning specialists in the country.

We are looking forward to working through the wide variety of services required for this project and will be sure to add a case study on the works when they are all successfully completed.