Our Factory Cleaning services provides difficult access and high level cleaning to TORC Blast Cleaning of machinery, ventilation cleaning and biohazard cleaning.

We can provide cleaning services for emergency chemical spills, confined spaces cleaning and decontamination services.

We are one of the leading commercial cleaning contractors specialising in industrial cleaning services for factories and production/manufacturing facilities in Scotland and North England.

Why factories need specialist cleaning?

Dust and grease create fire hazards that can damage high value production equipment. Cleaning working environments offer a safe space for your employees and helps to reduce the spreading of diseases. Ventilation systems, if left uncleaned can increase the chances of SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) and so often, non specialist cleaning contractors will only clean areas that they can see and reach. Specialist factory cleaning services from Balmore covers everything, top to bottom.

We offer scheduled cleaning contracts, one off site visits and emergency cleaning services in the event of a site accident or emergency spill.

With an emphasis on improving standards, using cutting edge equipment such as DOFF Cleaning, TORC Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting with the latest environmentally friendly products, we are also proud of our health & safety record and well trained, reliable staff.

Confined Spaces Specialists

A confined space can be anything from sewers to basements, under lofts, chimneys and service tunnels.

These difficult access environments are filled with risks such as biohazards, low oxygen levels, dangerous levels of dust and other potentially hazardous substances. That is why you should only ever use a qualified and certified confined space cleaning expert.

As leading confined space cleaning experts, we can deal with the potential cleaning issues ranging from biohazards to dangerous access points (dangerous access points include ‘one way in – one way out’ scenarios).

DOFF Steam Cleaning

We can use DOFF Super heated steam to clean machinery grease, paint and other substances. There are NO chemicals used in DOFF Cleaning and compared to pressure washing, the amount of water actually used is considerably lower which is better for the environment.

Dry Ice Blasting

It is an environmentally friendly form of controlled and precise cleaning that uses frozen carbon dioxide pellets to remove scales and contaminants from the likes of metal to remove corrosion, rust, paint and other forms of staining and contaminants.

This non-waste cleaning method can be used in numerous factory cleaning areas and because the 3mm carbon dioxide pellets return to a gas state upon impact with the cleaning surface, they leave no residue. This can be an invaluable benefit for some industries both in being able to contain any pollutant excess that is removed from the source material and also in the environments that the system can be used in.

Trauma Cleaning

Our trauma cleaning team is made up entirely of highly trained specialist trauma and biohazard clean up crew.  All of our full time Balmore team receive the very best in training for all types of trauma cleaning; covering everything from cleaning techniques and procedures to what chemicals can be used on what type of surface material. It all revolves around our target of returning the clean up scene in question to an ‘as it was state’ as quickly and quietly as possible.

Biohazard Cleaning

Our deep clean biohazard team are fully trained and certified in the complete range of biohazard cleaning solutions, equipment and procedures that are required to perform the job effectively and safely.

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With decades of real world experience in multiple business sectors, we have become one of the go to cleaning contractors for businesses looking for one cleaning contractor to handle everything for them.

We provide a fully comprehensive cleaning service for everything from biohazard cleaning to fire damage cleaning. Our cleaning services specialise in difficult to access locations that can include confined underground spaces that are deemed high risk to ‘at height’ locations that required specialist rope access teams.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning services across Glasgow, Scotland and the North of England, please contact our head office today.